c-coin is a platform used by account holders to make online payments to each other. Low fees, irreversible payments, and instant, real-time transactions help protect online merchants against credit card chargebacks and fraudsters.
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c-coin.com and c-gold.com are owned and operated by Private Gold Equities Exchange Limited

How do I fund my c-coin.com Holdings Account?

You can buy currency tokens to fund your Holdings Account from most independent Exchangers who are offering c-coin for sale in exchange for other online currencies and/or a wire transfer, bank deposit, etc. (click for list) or you can use the c-gold paltform to convert c-gold.com into c-coin.

Why can't I just buy c-coin with my credit card?

You might be able to buy c-coin from an exchanger with your credit card; but you can't buy it from us, because that is not what Commerce Coin is there for. We are an online payment platform provider, not a money transmitter.

What Fees do you charge?

There are two kinds of fees applied to different types of transactions.

The common transaction fee is: 1% of the amount, with a minimum of 0.05 and a maximum of 1.00 This means that the lowest fee we will charge on a transaction 0.05 and the maximum - no matter how high an amount - is just 1.00 (dollars, euro, etc. currency equivalent)

The second one is a conversion fee: 2.5% of the amount is charged to convert one currency token (like $) into another one (like E, or P, &c.); or 5% of the amount is charged to convert c-coin balances into c-gold, or vice versa, c-gold into c-coin.

All fees are always charged to the account receiving a payment. Conversion fees apply to cover bank charges, currency spreads, and procurer costs.

What are Currency Tokens? Why are you using them?

Currency tokens, such as UST for Dollars and EUT for Euros are the denominators used by the c-coin system to facilitate reward programmes, exchanges and payments between User Holdings Accounts; using denominators or accounting units rather than actual currency units is a common practice among loyalty card operators, reward programme administrators, etc.. For the convenience of users we chose UST and EUT and each token is fully exchangable into their respective legal tender currency. Thus UST 1.00 = USD 1.00 and EUT 1.00 = EUR 1.00

Why do you require my ID and utility bill scans?

For one, knowing who our customers are will help us to eliminate attempts to abuse the c-coin.com system. But various countries also make it mandatory for us to Know Our Customers, in order to combat terrorism, fraud, money laundering, child pornography, copyright infringements, etc.

What is the Commerce Gold Network?

The CG Network are store fronts operated by independent franchisees under the supervision of the CGN Operator. Among other things, you can arrange to bail gold bars into your c-gold User Holdings Account, and also redeem bars, through most participating CGN shops. But you can NOT use them to make deposits into c-coin accounts.

Where is the money and the gold?

The money is on deposit with the Top10 Golbal Banks, and the gold is in secure private storage in the Repository. As the business grows, we will add more currency token choices and several secure storage locations in areas that service the largest user bases.

How do I add c-coin payment options to my site?

You can either send them to the Payment Page on our website, or you can add our Click-to-Pay functionalities to your website. If you know HTML or are a coder, you can also use our point and click shopping cart interface.

Can I open more than one c-coin.com User Holdings Account?

Yes. You can open as many as you want, once you complied with our KYC rules.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We do have a commission program that pays referers 10% of the transaction fees we earn from accounts that were opened by their referrals. Please contact us with your account number for your referral link and details about our referral and promotion banners.

Please note, we will not tolerate any spamming, and sending unsoliceted emails can lead to the suspension or even deactivation of your User Holdings Account.